About Me

This is one of my LARP characters – an elf called Marila Beruthiel.

The creative scientist

I graduated in 1991, having studied Marine Zoology at the University of Aberdeen. I worked in the water industry for a long (!) time, holding various roles in the environmental regulation side of the business.

Then, I took a big step, and did my PGCE to train as a primary teacher. I loved teaching, but teaching didn’t love me and I eventually had to recognise that I wasn’t managing the work-life balance of full-time full-on teaching.

So in 2016, I moved to leading the science outreach for a STEM-related company. I took hands-on activities into local primary schools. Then the coronavirus came along and changed everything. Schools had to close to all but a few children. I couldn’t take my sessions into schools, so began to bring the fun science activities into your home by creating this site. Since then, I started a new job where I get to help lots of different companies work with schools on exciting STEM topics. https://www.cambridge-launchpad.com/

Learning never stops at any age. I am doing an MSc course in Science Communication so that I can broaden my skills even further.

Thanks to my own teenagers I can share their hobbies of LARP (Live Action Role Play – hence the elven ears in my photo) and rock music. I love to cook – mostly Mediterranean style, with lots of tomatoes & garlic. I like to braid kumihimo bracelets and I’m learning how to do both wet and needle felting. Life is very varied and never dull.

If you’d like to help me to make more resources & pay the website fees, please consider https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ScienceWithLisa Thank you