Structure & function of RNA & DNA

These materials are aimed at GCSE Biology & GCSE Combined Sciences, and A Level / IB Diploma (Higher & Standard) students. Not a detailed lesson plan: this is a resource to support the teaching or revising of DNA & RNA. I searched long & hard: there are no simple printable alternatives to expensive models. At least, not until now!

Tips for printing out these cards and suggested activities to use them for.

Cards – Colour
A little bit of colour is used to make card ID easier. The colour pallet is (apparently) accessible to the 3 most common forms of colour blindness.

Cards – Black & White
Exactly the same, but you can add your own colour coding (recommended) as you wish.

NEW – video of cards in use

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Do let me have any feedback, comments or corrections, and let me know how you get on. If you’re happy to send me photos, I’ll update this page to share them with others.