Flowers come in so many shapes & sizes. It’s great fun to teach but there is a LOT of technical vocabulary expected for KS1. It’s so easy for little ones to be overwhelmed by the flower diagram with lots of labels and so many new words at once, so I’ve made a diagram that reveals itself one part at a time, as well as exploring a number of different common flowers.

Video & Slides

Structures of flowers – video
Seven (7!) different types of flower are taken apart to show the key parts. All vocab is repeated & reinforced.

Structures of flowers – slides
My take on that ubiquitous diagram of a cross-section of a flower. Includes versions of slides where each part & label are revealed click by click.

Advice sheet for adults
My personal tips for which flowers to use or avoid and safety tips. (SAPS link below is great for more detailed advice)

Supporting documents & activities

Flower part labeling sheet
My bright bold diagram, with differentiated support.

Plant part labeling sheet
Bright bold diagram, with differentiated support.

Plants & Flowers wordsearch
All of the vocabulary from the diagrams presented as a wordsearch to reinforce familiarity with spellings (yes, bud is in there twice! One is sheer coincidence when the computer was filling in the spare letters!).

Flower parts crossword
My bright bold diagram, but the labels are to be fitted into a crossword grid. P2 has initial letters filled in as support.

Plant part crossword
My bright bold diagram, where the circled parts are the labels to be fitted into a simple crossword grid. Nice & big for younger handwriting..

Phonics & spellings – ee/ea
Support learning which /ee/ sounds use ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ with every word linked to plants. Has visual clues as well as written clues.

Science Stats Cards – plants
Make a set of cards (like those famous ones beginning with T T) to explore the world of plants using your five senses. There are 4 cards to start with, blank templates and instructions. These are in Word so that you can fully edit everything.

My Plants Book – Minizine
A selection of templates to create your own mini book about plants. Or just use blank paper 😉

How to fold a ‘zine
A quick video for if you haven’t come across this folded minizine format before. I recommend that adults do the folding for younger children & definitely do the cutting!

Excellent resources out there …

SAPS – second to none! Superb resources, all free. This is the stuff that everyone else copies.

Kew Gardens – lots of free resources here. Scroll down for ‘learning at home’

Tree Tools for Schools – The new home for Woodland Trust ‘Nature Detectives’ resources

And always check out your nearest Botanic Garden! Mine is in Cambridge and they have excellent schools resources and visit facilities.

Do let me have any feedback, comments or corrections, and let me know how you get on. If you’re happy to send me photos, I’ll update this page to share them with others.

If you like what I’m doing and are able to support me to make more, please consider Thank you