Global Science Show

During lockdown, over on Twitter, I’ve been taking part in the Global Science Show. It’s a monthly virtual ‘science fair’ where scientists of all ages (and I mean ALL ages!) present something in just 5 minutes. It’s what encouraged me to try making videos. Some months have themes and they are always fun and very varied.

Here are my contributions so far. Some will eventually become full lesson sessions on this site. It’s been a massive learning process for me and I’ve loved it! Why not encourage your young scientist(s) to make their own videos?

Watch the whole show here …


Why Flush Only Toilet Paper?
My very first ever (you can tell!) filmed piece was inspired by the mass hoarding of toilet paper at the start of lockdown.

Heart dissection
There’s a 5 minute time limit, so this is a very quick & rough dissection. It hadn’t occurred to this noob presenter that I could edit out the actual cutting to give more time to showing.

Eye dissection
Starting to learn to edit & to add subtitles! Getting better at using the time to focus on the details.

The 5 minute version of the full lesson.

At the height of August’s heatwave, I did a 5 minute version of the freezing/melting states of matter session. Includes my first attempt at a stop-motion animation.

Fearsome Fizzing!
October 30th saw a Hallowe’en special of the GSS. Here are puking pumpkins & peppers to explain the science of fizzy reactions.

(Yes, the title frame is upside-down. I had no idea until it was too late to change it!)

Differences between DNA & RNA
In December it was the ‘Farewell to 2020’ edition, so here’s me doing a festive take on DNA compared to RNA, inspired by the development of RNA vaccines for Covid-19.



Do let me have any feedback, comments or corrections, and let me know how you get on. If you’re happy to send me photos, I’ll update this page to share them with others.

If you like what I’m doing and are able to support me to make more, please consider Thank you