Lots of short activities for KS1 to explore all five senses. These are aimed at home learning and solo exploration with adult help.

More detailed activities for sound and sight/light will be coming in the future for LKS2.


Video coming soon

Taste & Smell
Video coming soon

Video coming soon

Supporting documents & activities

Adults’ Guide to the Practicals
ESSENTIAL reading before embarking on any of the practicals. Contains more details on equipment needed, and relevant safety advice.

Revise words relating to senses. There are 2 versions – one shorter with 2 words per sense and one longer with 4 words per sense (definitely phase 5 phonics needed!). Solutions are included.

Two crosswords, using the same lists as the wordsearches. Clues for the shorter one are mostly filling a gap in a short phrase: the phrases are repeated. Clues in the longer one include rhymes. Both have picture clues.

Cross-curricular activities

Take a Closer Look
A collection of close-up images of everyday objects. Can you guess what they might be? Does include an answer page 🙂

A sheet of activities based on the number 5. There are additions, numberlines, times tables & pictures.

Do let me have any feedback, comments or corrections, and let me know how you get on. If you’re happy to send me photos, I’ll update this page to share them with others.

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